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I Just Want Your Money

This is a shout-out for all those horrible, trashy, Karen-like customers that don’t understand what your common waitress is trying to get out of you.

My name is Amanda, and I’ve worked as a waitress ever since I was 14 years-old. Trust me, I’ve dealt with a lot of crappy people, so sit back and enjoy as I try to describe what a waitress wants from a customer (Hint hint, it’s not your number).

“Well, maybe I don’t want your money. Wait. I said maybe.” – Rachel Green

  • Communities Helping Restaurants

    April 15, 2020 by

    In honor of these tragic events that are still continuing through April, and by “tragic events” I mean the Coronavirus, I would like to tell a nice story of a community standing strong, trying to help out the restaurant owners. I live in a small town, but we are known for one giant company that… Read more

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